5 Ways To Promote a Podcast

5 Ways To Promote a Podcast
September 30, 2019 No Comments » business ReputationTechs.com

An Idea Can Help You To Win, But A Great Idea Can Help You To Lead and Grow

In the digital world, technology is evolving every day, so the marketing tools. No doubt, this is the reason why the podcast is in trend nowadays. Today, many businesses using a podcast to reach their potential audience in less time. It helps in promoting business and services through audio instead of text. Additionally, there are many other benefits that one can achieve by using a podcast to promote their business on an online platform. However, it only works when you use the right strategies to promote your podcast.

Let’s take a look at a few good strategies to promote a podcast.

Promote on Social Media

Social Media


In online marketing, social media channels play a key role to promote and engage with the audience. Today, you may find the majority of the audience on different social media platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Needless to say, today, social media has made it easier to connect and engage with the audience. And this is the reason why promoting a podcast on social media is a great idea.

Here are a few ideas:

  • An individual can share his episode on a Facebook post.
  • One can create a quote image with the help of canvas tool and can share these as separate social updates.

This way you can make it easier for your subscribers and target audience to shar and promote your podcast.

Create And Release At least Three Episodes At One Time

Podcast Episodes


Most of the time, people get disappointed when they see only one episode. And this is when they start losing their interest. Therefore, ensure you at least create a minimum of three episodes and release them on launch day. If you can release more than three episodes during the launch day, it would be great for promotion. It increases the chance of engagement with the audience and increases conversion rates.

Make YouTube Video From The Audio

YouTube Video


According to SEO rules and tactics, name your podcast by using a keyword or “interview with … XYZ.” Now what else you can do to promote it? It simple, you can convert and upload your audio on YouTube. If you upload all your podcast episodes on a youtube channel, you can earn various benefits. These are:

  • You can share video on various social media channels that help to connect with a wider audience. Also, it fetches more attention in less time.
  • SEO Marketing Benefits

When we talk about SEO benefits, it simply means, according to SEO marketing rules, google gives it preference. In most cases, google gives the same equal preference to text and video 53x.

  • shows there are chances that the YouTube version of the podcast will rank on Google on top of the page with ease. However, before you convert audio to video, ensure you choose the right keyword and tools for conversion.

Share Your Podcast on Podcatchers



Do you know what podcatchers are? They are apps that play podcasts. iOS is one of the most popular podcast apps. It contains a purple icon and logo of a microphone. You can use many other apps as well that collect and play podcast. Also, there are a host of websites that allow to represent the latest podcast and assist in promotion.

Call for Action

When it comes to podcast promotion, call-to-action is a must. In the end, your major goal is to influence your target audience to download your podcast and share it on different social media channels. If you can fetch more audience, it will eventually convert your audience into qualified leads.

Final Thoughts

The above tips will help you in promoting the podcast and improving online web presence. However, it will bring results, only if you implement these tips regularly. In case you have any other tip to promote the podcast, you can share with us below in the comment box.


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