8 Best Resources to Create Infographics without Designing Skills

8 Best Resources to Create Infographics without Designing Skills
July 5, 2019 No Comments » Design ReputationTechs.com

Infographics you rock! Thanks for making the content more interesting, reader-friendly, and eye-catching. No doubt, a quality content fetches more readers, but if your content contains images, it can make your content 40 times more shareable. Even it makes 55% becomes easier for the audience to remember. What to do when you don’t have enough budget to hire professionals or resources to create infographics for you? No worries, now you can create infographics online with DIY resources. Let’s explore these resources in detail.


Do you know why people love Canva so much? Well, because it makes easier for you to create infographics in no time. Just let Canva know what your requirement is, the site generates several templates you can choose as a basis for your infographic. Additionally, it’s got a library of around 90,000 to 1,000,000 images that you can use for your project.

From there, you can edit everything, including text, background image, and other features of the infographic to make it as per your need and requirement.


Similar to Canva, Piktochart also offers to use many different infographics. With this tool, you can even build reports, presentations, and posters.

When it comes to creating the infographic with the help of Pikochart, the features are almost similar to Canvas. With this tool, you can change the background, text, and images. Also, you can upload your own files for greater personalization. If you take the membership, it will allow you to use more features, even more, templates.


For designing infographics online, you can search for a good range of templates with specific categorization on this site. However, some of the templates only premium members can use. Additionally, they have many other options to explore and try.


Freepik is one of the most used resources that offer free pictures. Infographics are easier to create with Freepik. There are plenty of options available for the user, most of which are complimentary.

However, this tool doesn’t allow the same kind of customization that some other resources do. Although it is possible to download the images for free, you’ll need a vector graphics editor if you want to customize them.


Similar to other tools, Infogram is also a resource that helps in creating both picturesque charts and infographics. You can consider infogram as one of the best sites available for building these images. However, it has only a few tools that are free, and also limit your work from public consumption.


Zanifesto allows you to create something unique and amazing with ease. When you log in to a website, you will find at the very top bold red banner that reads “Create something”. Once you create your account, you can use a wide range of template options. However, the free option doesn’t allow you to upload any custom graphics.

Google Chart

No doubt you cannot substitute charts for infographic, but it offers you interesting graphs available in a wide range that brings information to life. Needless to say, adding animation to data brings more life and make it less boring.


Easel.ly is a website that offers numerous templates options for infographics, most of which you can easily click and customize without even creating an account. However, if you want to save and share your work, you need to join for free. You may find most of the templates for free, but if you need more options you can choose a paid option.

Final Words

Creativity is the key! Now how you use your creativity in creating infographics online on your own with the help of these resources to create infographics will make all the difference. Whether you use canvas, infogram, piktochart, or easel.ly, make sure you choose the right templates that make your content easy to understand.

Have a creative life!


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