3 Ways ORM Can Help Businesses Improve Customer Relations

3 Ways ORM Can Help Businesses Improve Customer Relations
August 30, 2019 No Comments » Online Reputation Management ReputationTechs.com

Life is all about learning and improving. Indeed. Whether it is a corporate life or personal life, an individual or business must keep evolving. A good reputation not only helps in increasing sales but also improve customer relations.

What if your business reputation is not as per your expectations or defamed by your competitors? Is it possible to repair or build your reputation? Yes, this is where ORM can help.

Let’s explore in detail how ORM can help businesses improve customer relations.

True Picture

Sometimes what we see or read is not the complete truth. Therefore, it is important to give and get correct information about the business and industry. How to make this possible? Especially when competitors are either giving us a tough competition or ruining our reputation by posting negative reviews for our business or services. In such a situation, businesses can take the help of ORM experts. They not only help you in repairing the reputation but also help you in leading the industry by displaying the true picture in front of the audience. Eventually, it will increase conversions as well.

How you can build a true picture?

  • Use social media channels or update your website with the latest news feeds.
  • Share case studies, news articles related to your company and services with existing customers
  • Always revert to online reviews or emails you receive from your customers. No matter if it is negative or positive one. In the end, it shows you care what your customer feels about your business and services.

Improve Reputation

Whether you are running a startup or an established business, building or maintaining a reputation is challenging for everyone. Especially In the initial days of a business. Most people think ORM can only help in repairing their reputation. In reality, it helps in maintaining a reputation as well. How Online Reputation Management techniques work, and what are things to consider while implementing ORM techniques, are two keys you need to understand. To know how it all works and how much time and expenses you need to spend, connecting with an expert is a good idea. Remember, potential customers, like to engage with good reputation businesses.

How you can build an online good reputation?

  • By keeping words of mouth
  • By offering transparent and quality service
  • By improving positive reviews with the help of ORM experts, and much more.


Everyone knows the role of SEO in the digital marketing world. It helps in improving online web presence by improving the ranking of business on search engines. Hold on! Do you know what else you need to make your SEO marketing tactics work? ORM is the answer. SEO can only help in improving ranking and visibility, but ORM helps in maintaining the ranking by increasing positive reviews and suppressing negative reviews, and much more. In short, SEO and ORM go hand in hand, where SEO doesn’t help, ORM comes into the picture.

How to make both ORM and SEO work for your business?

  • Use content marketing by considering both SEO and ORM needs
  • Keep your eyes on reviews you receive from customers regularly and ensure you apply both methods – ORM and SEO wherever it is necessary.
  • Last but not least, approach the experts who offer both the services – ORM and SEO. It will not only save your time but also the expenses.

Final Words

Building customer relations is easy but maintaining it in the long term is not a cakewalk. Therefore, ensure you choose ORM techniques carefully and at the right time. Instead of a DIY approach, it is always better to approach experts for help. They know when and how technology, tools, and innovation can help you and your business. If you want to know more about ORM, feel free to ask, we are here to help.


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