Lawyers – Win More Cases with ORM

ORM – Online Reputation Management is a huge buzzword in todays’ internet and social media driven world and a service your client’s need.

Why ORM?

You are preparing the defense for your client, or a custody case, or other legal battle. Then your staff delivers the BAD NEWS. Your client has a messy online history and it is bound to HURT YOUR CASE. Now what?

We deliver ORM for a fraction of the cost of other comparable services. 

Purge Damaging Online Records Including:

DUI / DWI / Suspended License

Petty Theft / Shop Lifting

Other Crimes & Misdameanors (Shop Lifting, Marijuana Possession, Disturbing the Peace, Public Intoxication, Domestic)

Embarrasing Social Media Images or Posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, dating apps, etc.)

Unfair and Inaccurate Online Reviews (Business Related)

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