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A Bad Reputation is Great if You’re a Rock Star
April 14, 2020 blog,business,Online Reputation Management,Online Reviews,Uncategorized ReputationTechs.com

A Bad Reputation is great… if you are a rock and roller. But if you ARE looking to “improve your station” you’ve come to the right place. We fix bad reputations, unfair reviews, poor Google ratings, and more. Improve Your Station Do you ever think about what people search for your brand on Google? What

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5 Reasons to Choose Online Reputation Management Strategy
February 10, 2020 Online Reputation Management ReputationTechs.com

Reputation is like a mirror that shows how people project you in the real world. When it comes to online reputation and an effective strategy, it is necessary to explore new opportunities and brand insight to increase its value in the market. How to choose a reputation management strategy, and how to make it work,

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How Social Media Can Improve Your Business Online Presence
September 10, 2019 Online Reputation Management ReputationTechs.com

Your Brand – Your Voice – Your Story! When you choose a social media channel, you choose a platform where you can easily share your story with the world. Today, social media channels are very helpful for an individual or business to engage with people across the world. Several businesses use the digital platform to

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3 Ways ORM Can Help Businesses Improve Customer Relations
August 30, 2019 Online Reputation Management ReputationTechs.com

Life is all about learning and improving. Indeed. Whether it is a corporate life or personal life, an individual or business must keep evolving. A good reputation not only helps in increasing sales but also improve customer relations. What if your business reputation is not as per your expectations or defamed by your competitors? Is

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