About Us

I Bought the Company!

If you have been in business as long as I have you know that managing your online reputation can be a constant headache. It only takes one rogue “nut” to spoil a reputation you have spent years building. My own journey began with just that kind of hassle. I spent countless hours trying to rectify the situation myself. Wasted time I could have spent focusing on my core business.

I finally realized I NEEDED HELP

I interviewed many Reputation Management companies and was so impressed with the one I hired I actually bought the company. It turn out I had a lot of friends with similar frustrations. Reputation Techs is the result. In coordination with our offshore partners, we are offering Reputation Repair and Digital Marketing services to our clients and other individuals and companies.

Here’s a few new clients who “bought” our story:

1. Financial Consultant
1. Politician
3. Lawyer (big one)
4. IRS Debt Counselor

Have you checked your online reputation lately? When you do, call me!


(814) 430-3846

20 Years of Advocacy

We are proud to offer Reputation Management services as another arm of our advocacy for individuals and businesses.

Based in Norristown, PA, All Survivors Advocates LLC, owned by Jesse Levine, has been providing advocacy services for personal, mass tort cases for over 20 years and more recently has expanded into broad based initiatives and services for both consumers and business to business advocacy needs.

New service offerings include IRS Tax mitigation, and targeted contact services for advocacy groups, including political campaigns with Ringless Voicemail Messaging technology. You can learn more about our advocacy offerings at AllAdvocatesServices.com.