A Bad Reputation is Great if You’re a Rock Star

A Bad Reputation is Great if You’re a Rock Star
April 14, 2020 No Comments » blog, business, Online Reputation Management, Online Reviews, Uncategorized ReputationTechs.com

A Bad Reputation is great... if you are a rock and roller.

But if you ARE looking to “improve your station” you’ve come to the right place.

We fix bad reputations, unfair reviews, poor Google ratings, and more.

Improve Your Station

Do you ever think about what people search for your brand on Google? What do people say about your business online? How customer feedback affects your online reputation?

Let’s find out more about what happens when people google your business and its services.

Is Web Presence Important?

Today every customer searches on google before making any purchase or choosing services. Whether you do email marketing or cold calling, chances are the person will search more about you and your business on google. And why not? Especially when it is easy to find as much information as possible online in a single click with ease.

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